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Shawn is considered by many to be one of the most daring and successful criminal defense trial attorneys in the area. From the beginning, Shawn has specialized in criminal defense. Shawn is a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College, a member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a Member of Criminal Defense Lawyers of Michigan and he has trained with famed criminal defense lawyer Gerry Spence. Shawn has been a nationally spotlighted speaker to criminal defense associations around the USA. Shawn has appeared on national television to discuss legal matters, appearing on:
  • Larry King Live;
  • On The Record with Greta Van Susteren;
  • Various MSNBC broadcasts;
  • The Abrams Report;
  • Inside Edition;
  • Various CNN broadcasts; and,
  • Fox News to name a few.

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As a Trial Attorney

The simple fact is, many local lawyers have spent more time in the lobbies of courts or will settle a case before their client even has a chance to plead his or her position. As a trial attorney specializing in criminal defense, Shawn Patrick Smith weights each case based on the facts, based on its merit and guides his clients accordingly. Shawn fights for his clients in the courtroom before a jury if the case is credible and has a high chance of success/victory. With one of the best records in Michigan, you will get the best possible representation from a proven veteran attorney.

Shawn has handled and won both high profile cases and minor cases for first time offenders in the areas of, but not limited to: drug defense, drunken driving defense, domestic violence defense and an array of other felonies. If you find yourself a defendant and the stakes are high, don't leave your case to chance, contact Shawn Patrick Smith, Attorney at Law and receive the appropriate guidance and council as a citizen, you deserve.

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Shawn's record of success speaks for itself.
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About Shawn

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Shawn Patrick Smith, attorney at law

Many other lawyers try to portray themselves as "the experienced," or the "cool" lawyer that will just take care of it for you, when the fact of the matter is many of the high profile attorneys in the area have seen less than twenty real trials in their life.

Hands down, considered by many the best criminal defense attorney in town. When you hire Shawn Patrick Smith as your attorney, he will work the best to get you the verdict you deserve. It boils down to people, process and the politics. Sometimes the facts can get lost in the aforementioned, but being a seasoned trial attorney, Shawn can leverage the law to push the facts of your case while utilizing his experience and exposure of the above three constraints to drive to the conclusion you are ultimately seeking: Not Guilty.

As a point of reference, client Omar Sheikh had this to say, "I've realized something intrinsic about Shawn; if the prosecution has a good case, they will lose.   If the prosecution has an average case, they are going to lose.   If the prosecution has a weak case, they are just going to embarrass themselves."   A lot of lawyers are just talk, but Shawn's record speaks for itself.   A lot of lawyers will just settle to capture the fee and move on. To add insult to injury, they will aim to convince you that this is the best possible verdict available to you.

Simply put, Shawn Patrick Smith will fight for you, for your cause, for the long haul. Shawn fights to the end, leaving no facts unturned. He'll find the truth and seek justice no matter where it leads.   Bottom line: He will fight FOR YOU, even if its only peace of mind.

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